Carson was a former member of Team America who was involved in a romantic relationship with Lisa.

Background Edit

At the beginning of the movie, he accompanies his fellow team members: Chris, Joe, Lisa and Sarah to Paris in order to stop some terrorists from detonating WMDs. Upon his arrival, he exchanges fire with the terrorists and orders them to get on the ground. After the shootout, Carson approaches Lisa who at the time is his serious girlfriend. He then reveals that he has a ring and proposes to her. Before Lisa can answer, an injured terrorist who was shot earlier rises from the fountain behind him and shoots at Carson in the back multiple times. Joe and Chris shoot at the terrorist and kill him, but Carson has already been fatally hit. As he dies, his final words to Lisa are that she should move on and find a new man because he wants her to be happy. Lisa cries as he dies in her arms. The new man he speaks of would eventually be Gary Johnston.

Carson is brought up again several times throughout the rest of the movie. The head of Team America, Spottswoode, recruits Gary to be Carson's replacement. Chris, who hates actors, is disgusted at the fact that Carson's replacement is an actor. At some point, Gary learns about the details of Carson's death and how he was once involved in a romantic relationship with Lisa. He is sorry about his death but at the same time advises Lisa to move on. Lisa however is still upset and believes it's too soon to be having feelings again for someone else. She only agrees to get with Gary if he promises her he will never die, which he then does.

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