"I like you. You have balls. I like balls."
―Chechnyan Terrorist
The Chechnyan Terrorist is a terrorist operating in Cairo, Egypt, who works for Kim Jong-il.

Background Edit

He first appears in North Korea to talk with Kim Jong-il at his palace. Using a translator, Kim informs him that the WMDs he requested are ready to be taken. The Chechnyan terrorist lets Kim know he's still in the process of recruiting and training new terrorists for the attack and therefore wants to take the weapons at a later time. This angers Kim, who then executes his translator and speaks to the Chechnyan Terrorist himself. Upon seeing the execution, the Chechnyan Terrorist agrees to take the WMDs and says he can be ready sooner. Kim tells him to take the weapons and leave for Cairo immediately.

Later, when Gary Johnston is sent undercover into Cairo by Team America, Gary meets the Chechnyan Terrorist face to face. Using his acting, Gary convinces him that he is a dedicated terrorist named Hakmed. The Chechnyan Terrorist then allows him to help, informing him the WMDs are hidden in a secret bunker nearby. But before they can go any further, another terrorist spots Team America members outside. The terrorists then flee in a Jeep but are chased by Chris and Joe in the Team America Hummer. The Chechnyan Terrorist sits in the front passenger seat of the Jeep and they flee into the desert. Joe shoots at another terrorist in the Jeep and manages to kill him. Chris then fires a missile at the Jeep, but it misses and hits a pyramid causing it to explode. Gary tries to tell them it's him but they don't recognize him and they continue to try and destroy the Jeep. The driver of the Jeep is then killed and the Chechnyan Terrorist takes control. Gary suggests they pull over to which the Chechnyan Terrorist agrees, only being that once Team America pass, they will charge towards them and take the lives of Chris and Joe along with their own, as the Jeep is filled with explosives. This scenario happens and the Jeep charges towards Chris and Joe in the Hummer. Things go into slow motion and the two vehicles head straight towards one another. Suddenly, Lisa appears on a motorcycle and jumps over the Jeep. She grabs Gary and pulls him onto the motorcycle to safety. The Chechnyan Terrorist and his surviving accomplice turn around in confusion. As this happens, Chris activates a switch in the Hummer, causing the front of the vehicle to expand and turn into a ramp. Unable to do anything, the Chechnyan Terrorist drives straight up the ramp and the Jeep flies into the air. He screams in terror as the vehicle crashes straight into a sphinx statue and explodes, killing the Chechnyan Terrorist and his accomplice. The head of the sphinx then crashes onto the Jeep and crushes whatever remains of it.