"Come on, Penn. We must protect the show."
―Danny Glover
Danny Glover is an actor and a member of the F.A.G. (Film Actor's Guild) who hate Team America.

Background Edit

Danny attends the fake peace conference held by Kim Jong-il along with Alec Baldwin and the other F.A.G. members. He is ordered to stop Team America by any means necessary after they are set free by Gary. Danny accompanies fellow actor Sean Penn and the two of them lure Sarah and Joe into a trap. They lock the pair of them inside a sealed room and hide from them behind protective glass. Then they release Kim Jong-il's pet panthers into the same room to kill them. Sarah however uses her mental powers to get the panthers to turn on Danny and Sean. The panthers obey Sarah's commands and they break through the protective glass and savage Danny and Sean to death.


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