French Terrorists were a group of four men who planned a terrorist attack in Paris, France. The leader of the group was an old terrorist dressed in white robes, carrying a suitcase containing WMDs. He was accompanied by a younger terrorist with a scarred face, a bearded terrorist and a clean shaved one. The four of them wished to cause an attack in Paris.

Background Edit


The old terrorist and leader of the group. He is killed by Sarah in the Louvre explosion.

The terrorists rendezvoused at the square in Paris. En-route to the meeting, a young boy called Jean Francois accidently bumped into the back of the old terrorist. The old terrorist turned around in anger and frowned at the boy before moving on with the scarred terrorist. The two of them met up with the others and activated the WMD. Jean Francois pointed out the terrorists to his mother and the two of them noticed the suitcase containing the WMD. The old terrorist turned around and saw them however. Before they could act, sirens echoed around the square and Team America descended on the scene, ordering the terrorists to surrender. The terrorists immediately refused and opened fire.

The scarred terrorist who kills Carson. He is then shot dead by Joe and Chris.

The scarred terrorist was the first to be taken down and was shot by Chris and Joe as they descended onto the streets of Paris from a helicopter. He fell back into the fountain nearby. Upon Carson's arrival, the three remaining terrorists fled in different directions. The bearded terrorist shot randomly at people in the street but failed to hit anyone. He was then approached by Lisa from the side, who shot him dead with a shotgun. He was blasted back through a bakery shop window and smashed through the glass. The clean shaved terrorist encountered Chris and attempted to kill him but his gun was empty. Chris decided to make things interesting and threw down his gun. The two of them fought face to face in a hand to hand combat fight. Chris was the victor and knocked down the terrorist to the ground, taking him in alive and presumably arresting him.

The bearded terrorist killed by Lisa.

The old terrorist attempted to flee. Joe took aim at him with a rocket launcher and fired but the shot missed and hit the Eiffel Tower, causing it to collapse. The terrorist then fled into the Louvre Museum. Sarah spotted him from the sky in her fighter jet and fired missiles towards him. The missiles hit the Louvre and blew it to pieces, killing the terrorist in the huge explosion. After the explosion, debris surrounded the streets of Paris and the citizens looked on in shock as the team announced that the terrorists were stopped. Amazingly no civilians were killed.

The clean shaved terrorist defeated by Chris in hand to hand combat.

After the explosion, Carson meets with Lisa by the fountain and proposes to her, producing an engagement ring. Lisa is happy and things seem good. However, suddenly the scarred terrorist who was shot earlier emerges from the fountain still alive and shoots at Carson. He fires three shots, each of them hitting Carson. Lisa screams Carson's name as Joe and Chris shoot at the scarred terrorist and kill him. He falls back down into the fountain dead, but it is too late. Carson is fatally hit and dies in Lisa's arms, telling her to move on and find someone else.

Trivia Edit

  • The clean shaved terrorist is the only terrorist not to be killed. He was presumably arrested as he had no gun and no way of fighting back against the team.
  • The old terrorist has an appearance which resembles Osama Bin Laden. The puppet is based on his appearance and wears identical clothing.