The German Kaiser is the Kaiser of Germany who briefly appears in Team America: World Police.

Background Edit

The German Kaiser is invited to the peace conference in North Korea hosted by Kim Jong-il. He attends and watches the entertainment that follows. When Team America shows up in the theater to confront Kim Jong-il, the crowd is very hostile towards them and sides with Alec Baldwin. When Gary tries to defend Team America, the crowd get hostile and become angry with Team America. They refuse to let them arrest Kim Jong-il. However, after Gary uses his acting and wins the crowd over, the German Kaiser and the crowd side with Team America and allow them to do their job. When Kim Jong-il gets angry, a tied up Lisa moves her chair over to him and kicks him over a railing. Kim falls down and lands on top of the German Kaiser's hat, known as a Picklehaube. The hat has a large point on the end of it that impales Kim and kills him. Afterwards, the Kaiser is amongst the crowd that celebrates when Team America stop Kim Jong-il from carrying out his terrorist attack.