The Hummer is a ground based unit that is owned as a vehicle by Team America. It is used by Carson, Joe and Chris and is transported onto location via the Osprey. It has the ability to fire missiles at enemy targets.

The Hummer is first seen in the film during the opening sequence when Team America is sent to intercept a group of terrorists in France. Carson drives the Hummer along the streets of Paris, then gets out of the vehicle and orders the terrorists to get down on the ground.


It is later seen during the chase in Cairo between Chris and Joe, and Gary and the terrorists. The Hummer is taken to Cairo in the Osprey for the mission and is used to chase after the fleeing Jeep containing a group of terrorists. Chris drives and Joe navigates. During the chase, the Hummer fires numerous missiles hitting pyramids and other sculptures around them. Eventually, Chris activates a button that produces a ramp in front of the vehicle, which the terrorists drive up before crashing into a sphinx and exploding. The Hummer would presumably have continued being used by the team after the defeat of Kim Jong-il.

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