The Jeep is a ground based vehicle owned by the Chechnyan Terrorist and his terrorist cell in Cairo, Egypt. It is used by him and his fellow terrorists. The Jeep is loaded with explosives should they ever need to use them.


The Jeep is only seen in the film during the chase in Cairo between Chris and Joe, and Gary and the terrorists. The Team America Hummer is taken to Cairo in the Osprey for the mission and is used to chase after the fleeing Jeep. Inside the Jeep are the Chechnyan Terrorist, Gary disguised as Hakmed and three other terrorists. Chris drives the Hummer in pursuit while Joe navigates. During the chase, Joe shoots at the terrorist on the back of the Jeep. When the Jeep goes over a bump, the terrorist on the back flies off and is fatally hit by the Hummer. The driver of the Jeep is shot in the back of the head by a bullet from a gun on the Hummer. Eventually, Chris activates a button in the Hummer that produces a ramp in front of the vehicle. The terrorists pull over in the Jeep and charge towards them. Gary is rescued by Lisa and the terrorists drive the Jeep straight up onto the ramp before crashing into a sphinx and exploding, killing all the occupants. It is then crushed by the sphinx head and is completely obliterated.