The Jet is a fighter aircraft that is owned as a vehicle by Team America. It has the capability of both flying and firing missiles. It appears to be operated only by Sarah, who uses it both in Paris to stop a group of terrorists, and in the battle against the terrorist cell working for Kim Jong-il.

The jet is first seen in the film when Sarah pilots it in the sky above Paris to track the terrorists. She fires the missiles from the jet at a fleeing terrorist and ends up killing him, as well as destroying the Louvre, which he ran into. It is also used in the mission in Cairo, and is flown to the scene of the action.

Sarah uses it once again when the team has to take on a group of terrorists. It is shot down and lands in the water but ultimately doesn't get destroyed. It is taken to North Korea along with the captured team members and is retrieved by the team after the defeat of Kim Jong-il.

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