"Shit! I've got five terrorists going southeast on Bakalakadaka Street!"
Joe is a member of Team America who helps out in the war on terrorism. He comes across as friendly and welcoming, and also has romantic feelings towards his fellow team member, Sarah.

Early Life Edit

Joe is an all-star quarterback who graduated from the University of Nebraska. He is described by his boss, Spottswoode, as a natural-born leader.

At some point, Joe was recruited into the team by Spottswoode. While in the team, he grew feelings for his fellow team member Sarah. He didn't tell her how he felt however as he feared she wouldn't be interested in a guy like him. He confessed his feelings to fellow team member Chris, who constantly advised him to tell Sarah how he felt. Joe never did however and Sarah felt of him more as a brother and never knew he liked her.

Background Edit

Joe was involved in the team's mission in which they were sent to Paris to stop a terrorist attack from being carried out. He flew the team helicopter over Paris and ordered the terrorists to surrender. When they refused and opened fire, he descended from the helicopter via a rope along with Chris. They shot at the terrorists and secured the scene. Things went wrong however when a surviving terrorist killed his fellow team member Carson, forcing Joe and Chris to shoot the terrorist dead.

Joe returned to the H.Q. at Mount Rushmore, and welcomed new recruit, Gary Johnston into the team when he arrived with Spottswoode. Afterwards, Joe and the others were sent to Cairo to stop another terrorist cell. Joe acted as the voice of reason when Chris and Gary got into an argument due to Chris's hate for actors and told them to work together and focus their hate on the terrorists rather than each other. When a Jeep full of terrorists fled the area, Joe and Chris chased after them in the Hummer. Joe shot at the terrorists and acted as the navigator while Chris drove the vehicle. They managed to successfully stop the terrorists. The team then returned to Mount Rushmore to celebrate.

Joe is present when the base comes under attack from protesters led by Michael Moore in retaliation for the Panama Bay attack. This causes Gary to leave the team. Joe then uses the team helicopter and assists in an attack against a group of attacking terrorists. During the battle, Joe defends Lisa for having slept with Gary and confesses his love for Sarah. Sarah disputes this and says she feels as though Joe is more of a brother to her, causing Joe to react angrily and claim it isn't fair. Despite putting up a good fight, they lose the battle and Joe is forced to bail out of the helicopter. He succeeds just in time as a missile hits the helicopter and destroys it completely. Joe is then taken prisoner by Kim Jong-il and taken back to his palace in North Korea.

When Gary arrives to free them after returning to the team, Joe is pleased to see his return. He suggests the team split up but Sarah wants to pair up with him, suggesting she now likes him more than just as a friend. The two of them then enter a battle with the terrorists. They chase after Sean Penn and Danny Glover, only to be lured into a trap. They get stuck in a locked room and Kim Jong-il's pet panthers enter the room to eat them. Sarah then uses her mental powers despite Joe telling her she doesn't actually have them. However, it works and the panthers savage Danny and Sean to death. They then catch up with Gary and Chris and help stop Tim Robbins from killing them.Joe then accompanies the team into the theater where Gary has to face off with Alec Baldwin. Gary manages to win over the crowd, resulting in Kim Jong-il and Alec Baldwin's deaths. After Kim Jong-il reveals himself as a Zypod and flees the palace, Joe joins the rest of the team as they head for their vehicles and prepare for a new mission on the war against terrorism.

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