"Inevitabre! Things are inevitabrey going to change! Goddamnit, open your fucking ears!"
―Kim Jong-il
Kim Jong-il is the main antagonist of Team America: World Police. He is the ruthless dictator of North Korea, who aims to turn every country into a third world country and bring chaos upon the world. Due to the secrecy of North Korea, he is able to remain as a big player in the terrorism business and control a number of smaller terrorist groups undetected. He is responsible for numerous terrorist attacks around the world. Kim's ultimate plan is detonate WMDs around the globe and send the world into chaos. He is secretly a Zypod, an alien cockroach from the planet Gyron, disguised in the human body of Kim Jong-il. His intention is to wipe out the human race so his species can take over the planet.

Early Life Edit

In an end credit song from the movie sung by Kim Jong-il, it is revealed that Kim is from a planet called Gyron, who was sent to conquer Earth and get all the Earthlings to kill each other so that his species could take over the planet for themselves. On Gyron, Kim's species are called Zypods, which are alien cockroaches. Kim describes how they share the planet with Balmacks, which are giant bees, and that the two species are at constant war. The Zypods want a new home which is what Earth was supposed to be for them. Kim is sent from Gyron to find a new home. At some point he comes across Earth and slowly tries to carry out his plan.

In the actual film however, Kim claims that he wants to turn every first world country into a third world country, which is his reason for carrying out his terrorist attacks.

Background Edit

After Team America destroys both Paris and Cairo in their attempts to stop terrorists, the F.A.G. (Film Actor's Guild) publicly condemn the team's actions, saying that their actions would just make new enemies. Out of spite, terrorists from Dirkdirkistan blow up Panama Canal, angering Jong-il as it was still too early to blow up entire cities. This does, however, create discord among Team America when Gary, the newest member, quits after seeing what he has done. The rest of the team also let their personal feelings get in the way, leaving them open to attack from both Dirkdirkistan and North Korea. Team America is then captured and imprisoned within Jong-il's palace.

Jong-il gains the help of F.A.G. in organizing a peace ceremony that will bring the world's leaders in one space, leaving their nations completely exposed. He reveals to Team America that he has spent many years planting bombs in all the major capitals in the world, waiting for this moment when he can finally cause mass panic.

At the end of the film when Kim's plan is foiled, a tied up Lisa kicks Kim over a railing. He falls to his death and lands on the German Kaiser's hat, known as a Pickelhaube, which has a large point on the end of it. The hat impales Kim and he is killed. Although he came close to achieving his goals, Jong-il was defeated and killed in this confrontation with Team America. However, it is then revealed (undoubtedly for comedic effect) that he is actually an alien cockroach known as a Zypod and is still alive. He crawls out of the mouth of the human body of Kim Jong-il and flees to a mini spaceship which he uses to escape. Exposed as an alien, Jong-il, who is mad that his plan has failed, proceeds to fly off into space in his small spaceship, swearing to return some day and plan revenge against Team America.


Jong-il is, in many ways, similar to Cartman: Both are very loud, profane, manipulative, insecure, and have the same voice actor (Trey Parker).

He shows absolutely no remorse for humanity, shooting his translator just to scare one of his henchmen. He also feeds Hans Blix to his pet sharks. He is narcissistic as well, adorning his palace with pictures and statues of himself, along with having North Korean performers sing about himself. He can be charismatic when he needs to be, gaining the support of the Film Actor's Guild to help him take over the world.

However, it was also revealed (through a now-famous song) that this version of Jong-il was also driven to his intense hatred of humanity because of an immense feeling of loneliness and rejection, which resulted in him developing a multitude of personality disorders.


  • The real-life Kim Jong-il was known to be an avid film viewer — he reportedly asked the Czech Republic to ban Team America: World Police after he had watched it. However, to that date, Jong-il has never publicly spoken of his feelings about the film and never did.
  • The Team America version of Jong-il sounds exactly like Tuong Lu Kim, A.K.A. "The City Wok Guy."
  • A scrapped scene shows Jong-il interrogating Team America, then demanding that one of the female members be brought to his room-but just the blonde, not the brunette. This trait also appears in the Danger 5 version of Adolf Hitler.