The Limo is a white Lamborghini Diablo limousine that is owned as a vehicle by Team America. It has the capability of flying and is driven by Baxter who acts as it's chauffeur. Spottswoode, the head of Team America, is usually driven from place to place in the limo by Baxter.

The limo is first seen in the film when it arrives to pick up Gary. Spottswoode escorts Gary to the limousine which has been parked outside. Gary is skeptical about getting into the limo however, as he fears Spottswoode wants a sexual favor from Gary. After trusting Spottswoode, Gary gets into the limousine and is driven across town by Baxter. The limo then flies into the air after Baxter presses a switch called "valmorphanize". This transforms the limo into a plane and produces wings from the side of the vehicle, allowing it to become airborne. The limo then flies Gary to Mount Rushmore, the H.Q. of Team America's base.

After Gary declines the offer to join Team America, he is taken for a ride in the limo by Baxter. Gary however requests to take a detour in order for him to allow time to think over the proposition. Eventually he returns to the base via the limo to accept the offer.

The limo is not ever used again and is later destroyed when Michael Moore breaks into the hangar of Team America's base and detonates a bomb strapped to his body. Michael stands directly next to the limousine when he activates the bomb. The bomb explodes killing himself and destroying the limo.

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