"We're guards. We're guarrrrds."
―Martin Sheen
Martin Sheen is an actor and a member of the F.A.G. (Film Actor's Guild) who hate Team America. Interestingly, he is the only member of the F.A.G. at the palace who is not killed.

Background Edit

Martin is present during the shootout at the palace owned by Kim Jong-il. Both Tim Robbins and Martin are instructed to guard Team America in the jail cells of the palace. Gary tricks them however, by dressing up as a North Korean guard and telling them someone has broken in, causing them to leave. Later, Martin confronts Team America just before the entrance to the theater. He and Matt Damon fight with Joe. While Matt has Joe held from behind, Martin goes in to attack Joe, who then kicks him in the face knocking him backwards, knocking him unconscious. It remains unclear what happened to him after the death of Alec Baldwin and the end of Kim Jong-il, it's possible he was arrested or was let off and allowed to go free. It's also possible he became the new head of the F.A.G. after Alec Baldwin's death.

Quotes Edit

"SHUT UP! We have explicit instructions to watch you."
―Martin Sheen
"Alec, we have a problem."
―Martin to Alec.

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