The Miniature Spaceship was a spaceship owned by Kim Jong-il. Kim used the spaceship to fly around space. It was the vehicle he used to arrive on Earth from his home planet of Gyron.

Background Edit


Kim's spaceship used to fly to Gyron.

Kim was secretly not human at all, he was in fact an alien cockroach, known as Zypods. They originally came from a planet called Gyron, but on their home planet, they faced a war with a rival species known as Ballmacks. Because of the war, the Zypods feared of extinction and decided that they needed to conquer a new planet. Kim was given the task, and flew off into space in his miniature spaceship. At some point he arrived on Earth and prepared to carry out his plan.

After being killed in human form, Kim revealed his true identity to Team America and fled into his miniature spaceship nearby, which he presumably kept around for safety at all times. He then fled his palace and flew off into space, presumably returning to Gyron, where he would be deemed a failure.