Pam Brady wrote Team America: World Police, with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. She is an American writer and television producer, best known for her work with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. She first met Parker, Stone and Jason McHugh while working under Brian Graden at 20th Century Fox. Brady suggested that the two make a weekly version of their student film Cannibal! The Musical. The three came up with the idea for Time Warped. While Time Warped wasn't produced, Parker and Stone decided to make South Park for Comedy Central and brought Brady on as a writer. Brady is most likely remembered as the live action woman in the episode Tweek vs. Craig. Although Brady left the show in the fourth season to write Hollywood films and co-create the short lived series The Loop, she would later co-write Team America: World Police and occasionally produce or consult on an episode of the series.

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