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Team America

Team America is an American based organization created to counter the threat of terrorism and to protect and serve the people of America. The group was created and founded by a man named Spottswoode, who acts as the boss and leader of the team. It is unknown exactly when the team was created but it is at least a year old. The slogan of the team is: "We Protect. We Serve. We Care."

The team H.Q. and base is located inside Mount Rushmore, where the vehicles, computers and other technology is located. It is the lead operation base where the team plan their missions and assign tasks. The base is not secret, as members of the public and filmmaker Michael Moore gather outside Mount Rushmore to protest against the team for their alleged reckless actions.

The supercomputer at the base, known as I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. is described as the most sophisticated computer in the world. It can track and intercept terrorist communications and then pass this information onto the team. Other powerful equipment is stored here, including: guns, a fighter jet, an Osprey, a helicopter, a Hummer, a submarine, a motorcycle and a flying limo. Spottswoode also has a personal driver, Baxter, who drives Spottswoode around in the limo and serves drinks for him and the others at the base.

The team appears to always consist of only five people. It is unknown if this is always the case but throughout the events of the story, there's always only five members of the team. To begin with, the team consists of; Joe, the all-star quarterback and a natural-born leader; Sarah, a top empath who is clairvoyant; Chris, the best martial-arts expert; and Lisa, the expert psychologist who specializes in how the terrorists think. The fifth member of the team is a man named, Carson, it is unknown what his specialty was, but he appears to be trained in combat when he is in Paris, hinting he is from a military background. Carson was involved with Lisa romantically and the two were engaged, but as he proposed to her in marriage, a wounded terrorist shot him in the back and killed him, bringing the number of team members down to four.

The replacement for the team was, Gary Johnston, an all-American actor. His reason for being recruited was because the team needed someone to be disguised as a terrorist, to go undercover and retrieve useful information about terrorist attacks. As an actor, Gary could use these skills to convince the terrorists he was genuine. At first Gary is reluctant, but upon discovering more about himself and meeting Lisa, whom he falls in love with, he joins the team as its newest member.

Team America members
Baxter | Carson | Chris | Gary Johnston | I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. | Joe | Lisa | Sarah | Spottswoode

Team America vehicles
Helicopter | Hummer | Jet | Limo | Motorcycle | Osprey | Submarine

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