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Team America: World Police

Team America: World Police is a fictional comedy and action movie created by the makers of South Park: Matt Stone and Trey Parker, who also wrote and voiced many of the characters in the film. The film is about a group based in America called: Team America, who protect the people of America from terrorism. The story follows the life of Gary Johnston, a Broadway actor who is discovered by Spottswoode (the founder of Team America). Spottswoode needs Gary's help. They need someone who is good at acting to pretend to be a terrorist so they can find out when the next terrorist attack will occur. Gary struggles to fit into the team and knows he must not mess up his acting, or else his cover will be blown, and he will end up dead. However, as the story progresses, Team America realize that they're not just dealing with a bunch of amateur terrorists, they're dealing with the most powerful terrorist in the world, Kim Jong-il.

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Team America: World Police Official Trailer

"Team America World Police" - Official Trailer

"Team America World Police" - Official Trailer

Team America: World Police

Team america world police ver3

The full length 2004 film.


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