Kim Jong-il as a Zypod.

are alien cockroaches from the planet of Gyron.


Kim Jong-il was secretly a Zypod from Gyron who was disguised in a human body. He was sent from his home planet by the other Zypods to locate a new planet for their species to live on. The reason for this was because the Zypods were at constant war on their own planet against another species known as the Balmacks, which were giant bees. Because of the conflict, the Zypods craved a new planet to inhabit. Kim's plan was to cause the humans to attack and kill one another so that the Zypods could take over Earth. He planned to have WMDs detonate all across the globe, turning every country into a third world country and bringing the Earth into destruction. Ultimately, his plan was ruined by Team America, who stopped the detonation from happening. Killed in his human body by Lisa, Kim was then forced to reveal his true identity as a Zypod and had to flee Earth. He escapes in his miniature spaceship and promises to return to Earth to carry out his revenge. He presumably returns to Gyron, but is forced to be accepted as a failure due to his plan being ruined. Because of his failure, Gyron became smeared with Balmack pollen. He blames Alec Baldwin for the failure.


  • Zypods is sometimes incorrectly spelt as "Xipod" or "Zipod". If you listen carefully you can tell it is pronounced with a "Z". Also, most lyric websites spell the word as "Zypods" as well as subtitles from the actual film.